About the Book


Crazy as a LoonCrazy as a Loon by Joanna Dymond is now available at Amazon.com and Kindle. This fast paced crime caper set in the 1980s has W.D. Caldwell, an elderly real estate man turned informant for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, trying to ward off drug dealers moving into Northwestern Minnesota. A worthy sleuth, W.D. discovers a huge marijuana garden worth millions across the road from the Barton’s, a religious couple. Surprised that they suddenly want to leave, W.D. sells their home to New York television executive Dyanna Dahlberg. Things heat up after Dyanna moves in and the Barton’s criminal activity is discovered, along with an unsolved murder, the suicide of the Barton’s daughter in the garage, numerous break-ins, and the sudden appearance of Dyanna’s murderous boyfriend, all spell terror. Suspense escalates as local outlaw Steve Olsen stages a home invasion and a body is discovered at a highway rest stop. Somehow the loons find it all amusing and mark the action with their maniacal cries.